Covid-19 patients increased by 1 lakh in 3 days, now 8 lakh corona cases in the country

Delhi, 11 July 2020: It took 109 days for the corona infection figure to reach 1 lakh in the country, but further days of adding one lakh figures began to decrease. The condition is that in just three days, cases of corona infection have reached 7 to 8 lakhs. On Friday, Maharashtra made a record of the number of new Kovid-19 patients. With this, the total corona cases in the country were 8 lakh 19 thousand, 599. On Friday, 24,757 people in India were found to be corona positive, according to the World Corrector, a website that monitors global corona data. At the same time, the total number reached 22,130 with 507 new deaths.

It took 109 days for the Corona case figure to reach 1 lakh in the country. After that the figure doubled to 2 lakh in the next 15 days. It took 10 days for the next one lakh new cases to be added. Then in the next 8 days, another lakh new cases came out. The number of days continued to decrease further and in just 6 days the number of corona cases increased from 4 to five lakhs. Then it took only 5 days to have 5 to 6 lakh cases. It took only 5 days to have 6 to 7 lakh cases, but now the number of 7 to 8 lakhs was reduced to just three days.

The Health Ministry had said a day earlier on Thursday that India's position in the Corona case is better than different countries of the world. According to the ministry, the recovery rate of Kovid-19 patients in the country is increasing rapidly and the mortality rate is declining. He said that the recovery rate in India rose to 62.42% on Friday, while the death rate has come down to 2.72%.

There are 7862 new cases of corona infection here in the last 24 hours. Also 226 people have died. This is the new record of getting Corona's case in 1 day. Thus, there have been a total of 2,38,461 cases in the state. Of these, 9,893 people have also died. Tamil Nadu is at number two with 1,30,261 cases while Delhi with 1,09,140 is at number three. Today, Tamil Nadu saw 4,163 new cases while 64 patients died and the total deaths reached 1,829. Similarly, 2,468 new corona cases were reported in Delhi on Friday and 42 Kovid-19 patients died. The total number of people killed in the national capital has reached 3,300.