A record 7.5 lakh samples were tested in the country in one day

New Delhi: A record number of 7,8,426 samples have been tested in the country in the last 24 hours. As a result, the total number of tests has increased to 2,7,4,418.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has called for a closer look at compliance with public health regulations and suspicious cases in the case of COVID-19. The WHO recommends that each country test at least 180 samples per day per million population.

While the national test per million population is 603 per day, the number has surpassed that of the state and union territorial governments due to the efforts of the Center and the effective implementation by the state and union territorial governments. States and union territories are being urged to step up the tests to the same level as current ones.

The number of diagnostic laboratories in the country has increased due to the successful acceleration of testing, diagnosis and treatment strategies. A total of 1,451 such laboratories are currently being tested in 458 government and 43 private laboratories. The success rate is also increasing due to the successful implementation of extensive sample testing, extensive identification and efficient medical facilities.

Today, it has risen to 81.18 per cent, with a total recovery of more than 16.5 lakh, or 14,51,555. The number of healthy patients increased by 7,41,585 compared to the number of active patients, reaching about 11 lakh, or 10,7,60.

The death toll has also dropped as a result of adhering to quality medical regulations. It fell sharply to 1.75 percent today.