Attempts to assassinate Russian President Vladimir Putin's by poisoning him with tea

MOSCOW: Russian President Vladimir Putin's staunch opponent and opponent, Alex Nabalni, has been poisoned. His condition is critical and he is being treated at a Siberian hospital. He is now said to be in a coma. According to Alexei spokesperson Kira Yaramish, Alexi was on a flight from Temesti, Siberia, to Moscow. But as his health was critical, the pilot made an emergency landing on the plane. He is thought to have been poisoned with tea. In the morning he drank nothing but tea. He was poisoned and the tea was so hot that it was easily mixed. He is now unconscious and has been placed on a ventilator.

Alexei, a lawyer by profession, is known to be a staunch opponent of President Putin. He has repeatedly spoken out against corruption in the country. He has been jailed several times for attending anti-Putin rallies. He wanted to run against Putin in 2018, but he did not get the chance. In 2017, some people poured chemicals into his face, causing one of his eyes to deteriorate.

The newspaper also reported that he had been attacked earlier. His spokesman, meanwhile, said he had been poisoned and tried to kill himself in prison last year. He was jailed for attending an anti-Putin rally last year, and Alexei said he was poisoned there.