Flipkart may begin liquour home delivery

Bangalore: Flipkart, a well-known e-commerce company in the country, is preparing to deliver wine. For this, Flipkart has teamed up with a startup, which is working as a partner of the wine company Diego. Initially, maternity home delivery is planned in two cities across the country. Earlier, Amazon had decided to enter the country in the distribution of wine. With a market of $ 24.2 billion in India, Flipkart and Amazon are reaping the benefits.

Earlier, the West Bengal government had said that Flipkart's wine home delivery mobile app could join Hip Hop's technology. According to a letter from the state government, Flipkart customers will be allowed to access the hip hop app. According to a source, the arrangement will allow Flipkart customers to order their favorite wine, which will be delivered by hip hop.