Gold for Rs 5; Amazon launches 'Gold Walt'

New Delhi: Gold prices have skyrocketed. The price of 10 grams is around 55,000. But a customer can buy gold for as little as Rs 5. Amazon Pay, the largest forest e-commerce company, has launched such a service for its users. Amazon customers can buy gold at home for as little as $ 5. The scheme is called the 'Gold Walt'.

The scheme, launched by e-commerce company Amazon India, is called the 'Gold Walt'. Under the scheme, customers can buy digital gold. Of course, Amazon is not the first company to launch such a gold-selling plan, and some online payment companies, such as Phone Pay, Paytm, MobiBik and Google Pay, have already provided similar benefits to their users.

Now those companies are likely to face tough competition with Amazon Pay. A customer investing in a gold vault means investing in a 'gold fund'. According to the company, a person can not only buy gold on Amazon Pay, but also have the opportunity to sell it. Amazon has reached an agreement with Safe Gold for this digital gold business.