India’s biggest victory in space, the country’s first domestic rocket engine ‘Raman’ has been successfully tested

HYDERABAD: Apart from the Indian Space Agency (ISRO), the country's private sector is also making progress in space research. An example of this is the Hyderabad startup ‘Sky Root Aerospace’. This was successful when the Skyrut Upstage rocket engine was tested in Hyderabad on Thursday.

The rocket engine is named after Raman, a renowned scientist associated with the Indian Space Program. According to SkyRoot, the rocket can launch many satellites into separate spacecraft at the same time. The startup was reportedly built by a former ISRO scientist. The startup is also building the country's first domestic space vehicle.

So the startup is keeping secrets about this as the construction of the spacecraft is not over. Startup founder Pawan Kumar Chandana said the rocket engine built by Skirut is still unique. This engine can be used repeatedly. Therefore, it is clear from Thursday’s test that there will be more domestic competition with the government in the country in the space sector.