Mata Vaishnodevi's pilgrimage begins today, allowing at least 500 devotees to visit the temple premises daily.

Img - dnaindia

New Delhi: Mata Vaishnodevi's journey has started from today despite the corona epidemic. The Vaishnodevi Peetha has been closed to devotees and tourists for the past five months due to the corona infection. However, the Jammu and Kashmir administration has announced plans to resume the Vaishnodevi pilgrimage from today. The Vaishnodevi Temple Board has made extensive preparations for this.

According to the temple board, the temple will be sanitized at regular intervals and the pilgrimage will be carried out in accordance with the corona guidelines. Devotees can come to the temple wearing masks and maintaining social distance, according to the temple board. Only 2,000 pilgrims can visit in the first week. Of the 2,000 pilgrims, 1,800 will be allowed from Jammu and Kashmir and 100 from outside the Union Territory. The temple board has decided to register devotees and pilgrims online.

According to Ramesh Kumar, chief executive officer of the temple board, the Jammu and Kashmir administration has made a number of rules to attend the pilgrimage. During this time, devotees have to take special care of things like social distance and wearing a mask. Passengers will be screened at all entrances. It will be mandatory for devotees to download the healing bridge app on the phone.