New guidelines issued for election during corona, voters need to ware gloves to use EVM machine

New Delhi: The Election Commission has issued new guidelines for the conduct of elections in view of the corona epidemic. These guidelines will be implemented in the upcoming Bihar elections and by-elections in various places. Odisha is likely to have by-elections in two places. The two seats are vacant due to the death of Balasore MLA Madan Mohan Dutt and Tirthol MLA Vishnu Das.

These guidelines have been formulated in the opinion of various political parties, state election officials and the general public. Under the new rules, voters who are infected, differentiated and over the age of 60 will be able to cast their ballots by post ballot. Gloves will be provided to each voter to vote on the EVM machine.

Candidates, on the other hand, can submit their nomination papers online and deposit their deposits online. Candidates who traditionally want to submit nominations are limited to how many supporters and vehicles they can take with them. Only two vehicles will be used at the time of nomination, and only two candidates will be able to travel at the time of nomination.

Similarly, a maximum of 5 people can go door-to-door to campaign. With the permission of the Central and State Governments, public meetings can be held in accordance with the relevant guidelines. The use of sanitizers, masks, handwash, gloves, etc. in the electoral process has been made mandatory.

Each polling station will have 1,000 voters instead of 1,500. Everyone's body temperature will be checked before the polls. Election officials will maintain social distance.