Riots planned from Bengaluru, compensation to be paid from rioters: Karnataka government

BENGALURU: The Karnataka government said (Wednesday) that the riots in Bengaluru were planned. Compensation will be collected from rioters like Uttar Pradesh. The Karnataka government has said it will reimburse people involved in Tuesday night's riots in Bengaluru. The state government also said the riots were planned and that police had identified the suspects.

Karnataka Minister City Ravi said the riots were planned and the rioters used petrol bombs and stones to destroy property. More than 300 vehicles were burnt to ashes in the riots. Everything will be clear only after the investigation. The minister said the state government had decided to collect compensation from the rioters. We are identifying the people involved in the riots and assessing the damage.

Similarly, Karnataka Revenue Minister R Ashoka said the riots were planned from Bengaluru and that the conspiracy behind the riots would be exposed soon. He added that steps would be taken to ensure that such incidents were not repeated.