Riya destroyed eight hard disks before Sushant's death

During the CBI interrogation, Sushant Singh Rajput's friend Siddhartha Pithani said that on June 8, Riya Chakraborty called an IT professional and destroyed eight hard disks. Riya then left Sushant's house with her brother. The incident took place on June 8 and Riya was staying at the house of Bollywood sponsor Mahesh Bhatt that day.

The CBI suspects that there were many reasons behind the loss of data from such hard disks. On the one hand, those hard disks are supposed to contain some information about Sushant and Riya, while Riya may have done so in the event that any information would be leaked later. Riya, on the other hand, knew that something was going to happen to Sushant as she decided to leave Sushant forever, and that he would later convict her of the information that came from those hard drives. The CBI has again called on IT professionals to try to remove the damaged data from the hard disk.