Russia wants to produce Covid-16 vaccine in India: Kirill Dimitriev

NEW DELHI: Moscow is interested in producing Covid vaccine Sputnik-5 in India, said Kirill Dimitriev, CEO of Russia's Direct Investment Fund. The agency has invested in developing Russian vaccines.

In an interview with an Indian news channel, Dimitriev said Russia had been in contact with Russian regulators and producers to produce the vaccine in India. "We have good cooperation with India, Indian scientists and Indian manufacturers," he said. They understand our wisdom.

Dimitriev added that India has the potential to produce a large number of Covida vaccines. In that sense, it is possible Russia was a productive partner in India.

We have heard from Prime Minister Narendra Modi's comments that India is open to vaccine production. India has already invested heavily in top vaccine companies. India also has production capacity. Thus, Moscow is interested in producing Sputnik 5 in India.

He also said that Russia was open to the third phase of the test in India. We are working with 20 countries including India, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. We want this vaccine to be affordable and affordable for global manufacturing partners.