Srisailam fire: Six bodies recovered from nine missing

New Delhi: A fire broke out inside a Telangana hydroelectric plant late last night A fire broke out in a tunnel power house at the Sreesailam Hydropower Plant near the Telangana border in Andhra Pradesh. 19 people were trapped inside the factory at the time of the accident.

Seeing the fire, 10 employees were able to get inside but the other 9 could not get out. Six bodies have now been recovered after rescuers arrived at the scene on hearing the news Efforts are still underway to find the other three

At around 10.30pm on Thursday night, 16 people were on duty at the Sreesailam hydropower plant, according to Chana. Nine people, including a divisional engineer, four assistant engineers, two junior plant attendants and two others, were trapped inside the fire. Six of the 9 bodies have now been recovered.

According to preliminary reports, a short circuit is suspected to have occurred at the underground hydroelectric power station on the left side of the Sreesalam Dam. The project unit works on multiple levels. People in the control room are said to have managed to get out. The staff at the bottom was unable to get out due to the smoke.