Such an asteroid can make anyone in the world a millionaire. NASA will send a spacecraft for research. Learn something about this asteroid.

Sometimes scientists find something in space that shocks the entire world. NASA has also reported on such a material. NASA is researching an asteroid that can make millions of people around the world millionaires. The asteroid contains large quantities of iron, nickel, platinum, gold and silica. If the metal is sold, it could earn around Rs 10,000 crore per person.

NASA has named the asteroid 18 Sykes. The total iron content of the asteroid is around £ 10,000 quadrillion. In other words, if you add 15 more zeros to 10,000, the asteroid will have as much iron as it costs. Even the name of the spacecraft being developed for the study of this asteroid has been named Siki.

The Sike spacecraft will study the asteroid, which is 226 km wide. The asteroid is in orbit between the cyclic Mars and Jupiter. NASA has asked Elon Musk, owner of SpaceX, to launch a mission with SpaceX to investigate the iron contained in the asteroid.

According to NASA, the asteroid is 28 billion miles away from Earth. It will take about six years for any spacecraft to arrive. It takes about 5 years for an asteroid to cycle around the Sun. It weighs about 1 percent of the moon's weight. NASA plans to send the Siki spacecraft here in August 2022 to inspect the iron on the 16th. In addition, if any of the Space X robotic missions are sent to this asteroid, it will take about four years to do research and return.