Thai scientists turn around to find out the origin of coronavirus

Researchers in Thailand are roaming the Mafsal region in an effort to find out the suspicious origins of Coronavirus. Preliminary research has revealed that the source of the coronavirus virus, which infected 20 million people worldwide and caused 4,000 deaths, was bats. The coronavirus in the body of Yunnan in southern China is closely related to the coronavirus in humans, which is currently infected with coronavirus.

Although there are 16 species of caterpillars in Thailand, they have not been tested to identify innovative coronaviruses, the researchers said.

To capture about 200 bats from three separate caves, Thai researchers climbed a mountain at the Sai Yok National Park in Kanchanburi's western province.

Prior to its release, a team from the Thai Red Cross Emerging Infectious Diseases-Health Science Center4 collected samples of saliva, blood and feces from bats. That's why they worked from night to day. In order to better understand the virus in the bats' bodies, they caught not only horse-eaten bats, but also other species of bats.

The Thai research team was led by Supporn Wachramplusadi, the center's deputy head, who has studied bats and related diseases for more than 20 years. "The epidemic is not over," he said. Bats can travel anywhere with a disease.