The BCCI has set a target of Rs 300 crore

Mumbai: The whole country is now battling an epidemic like corona. Corona has also had an impact on the country’s economy. Even so, the BCCI, the world's richest cricket league, is preparing to show its strength. Even during such an epidemic, the next four hours will determine the strength of cricket in India.

The BCCI has decided to have 5 official sponsors for this year's IPL instead of 3. The BCCI is targeting Rs 80 crore for two more new official sponsors. In addition, the BCCI aims to get Rs 200 crore to Rs 250 crore to become the new title sponsor in place of Vivo. The BCCI aims to raise a total of Rs 300 crore in funding.

According to BCCI mediators, talks are underway with a new sponsor at Vivo. The source claimed that the sponsor would pay good money. Although organizations such as Amazon, DM411 and Baijus have started to sponsor IPL6-13 titles, the BCCI has already added a new sponsor and the BCCI is going to shock cricket fans, the source said.

But with a new title sponsor for a six-month contract, even if he gets Rs 200 crore, it is too much for the BCCI, the source said. Vivo pays Rs 80 crore annually while the BCCI gets Rs 300 crore from new title sponsorships and 2 new official sponsorships; So it can cover 3 quarters of the damage. Now it will be a huge achievement for the BCCI.