The ECB got the BCCI's green light for the IPL

Mumbai: The Emirates Cricket Board (ECB) has received a green light from the Board of Cricket in India (BCCI) to host the 13th edition of the IPL. That's what the ECB made clear on Tuesday. "We are really proud to have received clear information about hosting our favorite sport," said ECB Chairman Sekh Nahayan Mubarak Al Nahyan. "Therefore, we will meet the IPL4 this time around," he said.

"As cricket has become a daily part of our lives, we will take it seriously," he said. "After receiving the BCCI's green signal, the IPL is in the UAE and our team is ready to cooperate in all aspects." "We will work to ensure that not only the UAE and India, but all sports fans around the world can enjoy it," he said.

He clarified that the IPL is scheduled to be held in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah from September 16 to November 10. The ECB president thanked all those who have been working hard to prepare for the IPL.