'Tik Tok' to return: Mukesh Ambani's Reliance Jio to buy 'TikTok' india division

Mumbai: Good news for ticketing users. Tick ​​Tok may return to India again. Mukesh Ambani's company Reliance Jio is reportedly in talks to buy tickets to India. Similarly, the possibility of Microsoft buying tickets in the United States has increased. The Chinese company Tiktak has reportedly made its final decision to withdraw its headquarters from Beijing to the United States.

TikTok's parent company, Dance Dance, plans to sell its Indian market. According to media reports, the Byte Dance video app Tiktok could sell Indian market Ambani's RIL. Talks have been underway since the last week of July. So no formal information has been provided in this regard by Reliance or Tiktok.

In the aftermath of the border dispute in the Galvan Valley in Ladakh, the Indian government has banned 58 Chinese mobile apps. It had some popular apps, including TikTok, Witch, Alibaba Group's UC Browser, and UC News. The government has since banned four more apps. Tiktok was trading in the Indian market for about $ 3 billion.

Last week, the United States approved the use of China App tickets. President Trump signed it. Of course, the company has until September 15 to do so. At this point, Trump has announced that it will be shut down if tickets are not sold to the U.S. or other companies. Ticket sales in the United States are estimated at $ 30 billion.

In 2014, White Dance received Rs 73.8 crore from India. Tiktok, run by Byte Dance, grossed Rs 73.8 crore in India in 2017, of which the company earned Rs 3.8 crore. In the United States, the company has a revenue of Rs 450 crore. According to statistics, 200 million ticketing apps have been downloaded worldwide, of which 40 crore are active users.