USA : Two storms in the same place at intervals of one day

WASHINGTON: Sea storms are not new to Orissans. Whether it's the 1999 hurricane or the 2013 phyllin, the funnier in 2019 or the umpires this year, regular Odisha is experiencing storms. But it is rare for two winds to come in at the same time and touch the ground in almost the same place. This is what happened in the United States.

Two devastating sea storms in the Atlantic Ocean are simultaneously hitting the U.S. coast. Marco, a tropical storm in the Gulf of Mexico. It made landfall at 6pm on Monday (7am Indian time on Tuesday) at the mouth of the Mississippi River in the United States. The wind speed at this time was 130 kilometers per hour.

The next day, another hurricane hit the U.S. coast. Surprisingly, it is coming from the east wind. It is gradually becoming stronger and becoming a Category-2 Hurricane. It will make landfall on the coast of Louisiana and Texas on Wednesday. It is expected to make landfall near the mouth of the Mississippi River in the region.