Apple's mobile factories moved from China to India

New Delhi. In Ladakh, the tension between India and China over the last four months on the border between India and China, is constantly giving him a blow to many companies of the world who are doing their business on his land. Many companies in Japan, USA, Australia and UK are investing in India. Whereas from the land of China, he has intensified his efforts to consolidate his business one by one.

Let us know that the whole world is aware of China's tricks. In such a situation, many big and important countries like America (US), UK (UK), Japan (Japan) and Australia (Austrailia) etc. are also standing with India. Alam is that India is becoming a manufacturing hub in South Asia. Union Minister Ravishankar Prasad said on Thursday that eight Apple companies have moved to India (excluding China). Prasad said that India is becoming a hub of production.

Prasad told NRI in Bihar through video conferencing that the United States, Britain, Japan and Australia have supported. Prasad said that India is emerging as a major manufacturing hub and the global manufacturer ecosystem is realizing that it needs to be in places other than China. I have received information that Apple has moved about 8 of its factories from China to India.

Prasad further said that when something happens to China in Ladakh, our Prime Minister always stood firm and always said that India will never compromise its sovereignty. The United States, Britain, Japan and the United States also supported India's bold approach.

Significantly, tensions have increased once again after the unsuccessful efforts by China on 29 August and 30 August to capture the Indian territory on the southern shore of Pangong Lake in eastern Ladakh. India has increased vigor at strategically important multiple elevation points south of Pangong Lake. In the wake of Chinese infiltration attempts, India has sent additional troops and deployed arms in sensitive areas.

India has increased its military presence in the region in view of China's attempt to change the status quo on the southern bank of Pangong Lake.