Oyo India offers employees to forcibly leave or quit their jobs

New Delhi. In the midst of the ongoing Corona Pandemic, people face a major employment crisis. Someone's salary is being cut or someone is being fired. Recently the hotel company Oyo India has also given a similar setback to its employees.

In fact, Oyo has proposed to separate from the company itself or to move the holiday forward for six months in front of employees sent on holidays with limited benefits.

Addressing the employees of Oyo, Officer Rohit Kapoor said, “We know that it is challenging to hold you back. But this has happened due to a situation which is neither under your control nor ours. You can move away from the company itself or leave for six months and with limited benefits till 28 February 2021.”

Kapoor said Oyo would never do this in an ideal situation. We know you expected a lot from us, but we are sorry for that. We are currently living in a world where everything is far from ideal.

Due to the Kovid-19 crisis, Oyo sent many employees of its Indian operations on four months leave with limited benefits from May 4. Along with this, all the employees were asked to accept a 25 percent reduction in their salary.