PUBG banned in India, 17.5 million users, what will be the impact

Government of India has banned 118 other Chinese apps including PUBG in view of national security concerns. PUBG Mobile is the most downloaded gaming app in the country with 175 million (around 175 million) downloads in India. PUBG Mobile in India has been installed a total of 175 million times till the first half of this year. PUBG Mobile is an online gaming app. This app was introduced in India with a downloading size of over 1GB. But considering the popularity of the PUBG game, the company introduced the lite version of PUBG Mobile. Currently, the size of PUBG Mobile is 557MB.

According to data analytics firm Senser Tower, PUBG Mobile is the world's highest-grossing gaming app. PUBG Mobile's life time collection is about Rs 22,457 crore. According to the report, PUBG business has increased by 41 percent till May this year as compared to 2019. During this time, PUBG has earned about $ 226 million from users. In the first half of 2019, PUBG Mobile has earned around 9731 crores.

PUBG Mobile earns less than downloading from India. However, PUBG earns more from China than India. In China, PUBG Mobile is known as a second title "Game for Peace" or "Peacekeeper". If we look at the entire business of gaming, it is found that about 95 percent of the earnings in gaming comes from China. In addition, 2.2% of Thailand earns in gaming. In Thailand, the game is known by the new name Garena Realm of Valor. Roblex has been the third highest-grossing game in the gaming business, with Mixi's Moster Strike and Moon being Coin Master fourth and fifth.