PUBG removed from Google Play Store, no longer able to download

New Delhi: The Government of India has banned 118 apps including pubg for the sake of security and confidentiality of user data. After the ban of Pubg Google Play Store and App Store have been removed tha app. This means that users will no longer be able to download the pubg Even its light version of Pubjg Mobile. Even when you search for Pubg mobile on Google, you will see this app in the list, but you cannot download it in the Play Store.

Similarly, the previously downloaded pobg on mobile will also be shut down soon That’s why the government is telling internet service providers to shut down the app so that the app won’t even open on your mobile afterwards. It is learned that the Chinese Army is in a standoff with India near the Line of Control (LoC) in East Ladakh. In such a scenario, India has tightened its stance against China.

The Indian government has banned 118 apps, including the country's popular mobile video app PUBG, from supplying alcohol to hostile China. Earlier, the Indian government had initially banned 59 apps, including China's popular app Tiktok. A few days later, shut down 47 Chinese apps in the second phase, while in the third phase, it launched the largest digital attack.