The newly married couple committed suicide after losing their jobs for Corona

Panipat: One crore people have lost their jobs due to the corona epidemic while many people have lost their jobs. Even after the lockdown cut, the financial system has not improved A newlywed couple from Panipat, who lost their livelihoods due to the corona epidemic, have reportedly committed suicide.

Upon receiving information about the couple’s suicide, police arrived at the scene, confiscated the bodies of both spouses and sent them for dismemberment. After the amputation, the police handed over both bodies to his family.

Javed, Abed's elder brother, said he did not see Abed and his wife when he came downstairs in the morning. Both hanged themselves when they looked out the window The family broke down the door and took both bodies down and reported the matter to police Upon hearing the news, police arrived at the scene and seized the body.