US Court stops President Trump's order banning TikTok at app store

A federal court judge in Washington, US late last night stayed President Donald Trump's order banning Chinese app TickTalk at the app store. This information has been given by news agency ANI to the American media.

Explain that the Trump administration had ordered to stop downloading the Chinese app TicketTalk. In this, the Trump administration said that TiketTalk could not be downloaded from Apple and Google Play Store after Sunday.

Late Sunday night in Washington, a US judge temporarily halted the Trump administration's order that the Chinese-owned small video sharing app TikTok on Apple Inc.'s Apple Store and Alphabet Inc.'s Google Playstore on Sunday The download was banned after 11:59 pm.

US District Judge Carl Nicholls said in a brief order that he is issuing a preliminary injunction prohibiting the Tiktok app store ban from taking effect. Nichols was nominated by President Donald Trump and appeared in court last year. 

However, Nicholas currently declined to ban other Department of Commerce restrictions scheduled to take effect "at this time" on November 12, which according to Tiktok could make the app unusable in the US. 

A detailed written opinion of Nicholas is expected to be released on Monday. 

Ticktock's lawyer John E. Hall argued during the 90-minute hearing Sunday morning that the ban was "unprecedented" and "irrational".

Hall asked during the hearing, "What does it mean to ban this app store tonight when such conversations are going on that might make it unnecessary?" He said, "It is just punitive. It is a blunt way to ruin the company. There is no need for it right now."

US officials have expressed national security concerns that the personal data collected by the 100 million (one billion) Americans who use the app may be acquired by the Communist Party government of China. 

Bytdance said on 20 September that it signed an initial deal for Walmart Inc. and Oracle Corp to invest in Ticketcock Global, a new company that would oversee US operations. Negotiations continue on the terms of the agreement and to resolve Washington and Beijing's concerns.

The deal is to be reviewed by the US Government's Foreign Investment Committee (CFIUS) in the United States.