Akshay Kumar released online teaser of FAU-G on Dussehra, helicopter seen flying over Galvan Valley in the game

The first look of the FAU-G game which is eagerly awaited, was released on Sunday. Akshay Kumar released the teaser on the occasion of Dussehra. He wrote on social media - Today is the day of the victory of good over evil. What better day for military soldiers to celebrate. In the very first scene of this teaser, helicopters were seen flying over the Galvan valley.

The launch of the game will be held in November, Akshay Kumar has shared the teaser and has written - Today, when we are celebrating the victory of good over evil, what better day can it be that we are our fearless and symbol of unity to our soldiers Salute Teaser of military is presented on the occasion of Dussehra. Its launch date is kept in November.

When Akshay announced this game two months ago, he wrote to the Veer Trust of India when he wrote - Proud to present this action game, supporting PM Modi's self-reliance movement. Fearless and unity precedent Guards - military. In this game other than entertainment, players will be able to know the Sacrifice of our soldiers. 20% of the revenue generated from this mobile game will be donated to Veer Trust of India.

After the clash of Indo-China troops at Pabji Galawan, the Center had banned 59 Chinese apps on 29 June, 47 apps on 27 July and 118 apps on 2 September. However, the mobile and desktop version of PUBG still exists. But after the announcement of Akshay Kumar, people on social media gave positive comments about the army.