Astrology 2020: Message of the Day (October 17)

Message of the Day – By Renooji

As we connect to the beautiful energies of the nine days of celebrating the feminine divine consciousness and blessings, let’s begin.

There are ten great MahaVidyas (great wisdom) collectively, so today let’s connect to them with respect and honour. The ten aspects of the divine mother-goddess. These ten Maha-Vidyas are wisdom goddesses who represent a spectrum of feminine divinity from the horrific goddesses at one end to the gentle at the other.

Devi Skandmata - Goddess Durga -

These energies are important as they mark the rise of devotion and power. As a representation of the feminine divine aspect of the Supreme Being, and as we honour the light, we are being dipped in the light of Her Grace. Enjoy the light which is cleansing and purifying. Healing hugs of great blessings. Love from the nectar of devotion.


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