Astrology 2020: Message of the Day (October 25)

Message of the Day – By Renooji


As Lord Shiva was sitting in Mount Kailash , Parvati ji was sitting in His lap and was hungry. She asked him for food three times. She finally ate Him to appease her hunger.

This is the seventh form of Her presence as smoke , Dhoomawati  rises from Lord  Shiva’s opened third eye from within Her body. She is depicted without any ornaments and is wearing white. She demonstrates renunciation and removes all frustration and agitation and is free from disrepute.

The eighth form is Baglamukhi, as Brahma found creation was in turmoil and was being destroyed in many places. He seeked the blessings of Tripura Ambike, the mother of the three worlds. Pleased with his austerities she appeared wearing yellow and gave Him a boon, as she grants all kinds of protections . She stops all motion. Silences the mouth, and stops all words of evil beings. She controls the tongue. She blesses with stillness when it is appropriate. Healing hugs of great stillness. Love from the smoke.

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