Astrology 2020: Message of the Day (October 26)

Message of the Day – By Renooji


As we are blessed with all the silence and stillness , we are in the centre of goodness to access our happiness.

The ninth form of the Goddess is Matangi, she is the Supreme goddess of all desires. Matangi is the measurements of all the limbs of creation , and the sounds of knowledge.

The tenth form is Kamala , at the time of Samudra Manthan with many other things, there appeared Devi Lakshmi, and She stayed. The Gods offered her a seat of honour, with greater respect they offered her a garland and all other opulences, beseeching Her to stay. She manifests the perfection of compassion in all Nature. Healing hugs of fragrant garlands . Love from the oceans unmeasured.

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