Bihar Election 2020: CM Nitish thunders in Bahubali Anant Singh's stronghold Mokama, said- My family in whole Bihar

Patna: Today is the day of election rallies in Bihar. Today Chief Minister Nitish Kumar (CM Nitish Kumar) also started his actual election campaign from Amarpur in Banka. After this he held election meetings in Bhagalpur and Munger. Today's last public meeting of the Chief Minister took place in Bahubali MLA and Anant Singh's stronghold Mokama. He is also accompanied by state executive president of Janata Dal United (JDU) Ashok Chaudhary during the election campaign. They are spending 40 minutes in a meeting.
Chief Minister Nitish Kumar held the last meeting of the first day of his election rally at 3 pm in Ghoswari Dih of Mokama Assembly constituency. Usually, the Chief Minister reduces his relationship with any area in his meetings, but in Ghoswari, he started his address with the discussion of the old relationship. On Mokama's point, he said that it is because of the people here that people know me. I can hardly forget this. I have been MP for five times by flood
The Chief Minister raised the discussion of Venkatesh Babu, father of Rajiv Lochan aka Ashok Babu, contesting from Mokama and said that he had helped me even while in BJP. Atal Bihari Vajpayee came to him. He questioned my support to Venkatesh Babu as the BJP candidate was also in the fray. Venkatesh Babu asked for the blessings of Atal ji for me. Atal ji told him that, let's defeat the Congress candidate and win it. While talking about school buildings, the Chief Minister narrated an anecdote of Mokama Tall. He was roaming the area as an MP then. An eight-year-old child came in front of them and said - Hum Padhabai Nay sir? The village did not have a school. That scene is in Murray Jehan to this day. He inspired the construction of a large number of school buildings.

The Chief Minister said that we did not neglect any area. The one-off plan was completed. Women were more present in the Chief Minister's election meeting. She was also making videos of some of her chief ministers' addresses. The Chief Minister discussed the strength of the women's self-help group and said that if it comes next time, the plan is that 25 thousand will be given to the girls who pass Inter and fifty thousand to those who pass BA. He also explained the determination to provide water to every field. The target of 15 states of husband and wife was in terms of growth rate and per capita income. He also explained what kind of change has happened in the law. Finally, in an emphatic manner, said - We are increasing the wealth of Bihar and some people are increasing their wealth. My life is dedicated to people's reputation.

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said in his public meetings that animal hospitals will be opened on eight to 10 panchayats of the state. Animals will be treated for free. He said that some people are not meant by service but by nuts. There is a need to avoid such people. He was addressing the gathering in support of JDU candidate Jayant Raj from Amarpur Legislative Assembly constituency at Sihuri Mor Maidan in Amarpur.

He said that every village is being connected by roads. Medical and engineering colleges are being opened in every district. It is said that during the Corona period, 22 lakh people from other states have been brought to Bihar. All will be trained and employment will be provided in the state itself. It is said that on the death of Corona, compensation of four lakh rupees is being given to the deceased's kith and kin. Corona investigations in the state have gained momentum. He appealed to people to be aware.

Skill development training has been imparted to 10 lakh youth of the state. In Bihar, 50 percent women and 20 percent backward classes have been given reservation. Loans up to Rs 10 lakh are being given to Scheduled Castes for employment. In this, grants of up to 50 percent are being given.

The Chief Minister left for campaigning at 10.30 am. His first election meeting was held at the Balua Tikar Maidan in Amarpur Assembly constituency of Banka. The second meeting was held at Devi Prasad Mahato High School ground in Kargahia of Sultanganj assembly constituency and the third for RS Tarapur assembly constituency in Munger at RSK ground in Haveli Kharagpur. Today's last election meeting will be held in front of Ghoswari Dih Block office of Mokama Assembly constituency of Patna at 03:05 pm.

The Chief Minister will also hold four election meetings on Thursday. On Thursday, they will be the middle school grounds in Para Matihan for Chakai assembly constituency, the high school grounds in Amarpur for Suryagada assembly constituency, Neemi college grounds Sheikhopur Sarai for Barbigha assembly constituency and the high school in Paliganj for Paliganj assembly constituency. Will address election meetings in the ground.

From Wednesday, the most important public meeting of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar will be held in Mokama, the stronghold of RJD's Bahubali candidate Anant Singh. RJD has tried to give a tough fight to JDU by giving ticket to Anant Singh in Mokama. Once upon a time, Anant Singh was considered close to Nitish Kumar, but after the formation of the Grand Alliance, under pressure from RJD supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav, he was shown the way out by the JDU. Until recently, Tejashwi Yadav also called Anant Singh a bad element. Now in the changed politics, now Tejashwi Yadav has given him a party ticket, then he is also telling Tejashwi as the next Chief Minister.