Bihar Elections 2020: In a democracy, dissent reflects the freedom of it’s citizens, says Sonia Gandhi (Video)

New Delhi: Ahead of Bihar Polls, Congress has released a video message by INC President Sonia Gandhi for the people of Bihar.

Congress interim President Sonia Gandhi on Tuesday said, high on power and its ego, the current state government has deviated from its path. She asserted that the public is with Congress Mahagatbandhan (grand alliance).

The Congress chief added that the governments of Delhi and Bihar are ‘captive governments’ – demonetisation, lockout, trade-off, economic bandit, farm-barn captive, bread-employment detention. Therefore, against the captive government, the people of Bihar are ready for the creation of a new Bihar, she added.

The Congress chief stated that farmers, youth, labourers, brothers and sisters of Bihar are not just in Bihar but all over India and all over the world. Today, the same Bihar is ready for new changes in its villages, towns, cities, farms and barns for its glory and future.

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High on power & its ego, the current Bihar govt has deviated from its path. Neither their saying nor doing is good. Labourers are helpless, farmers are anxious & youth are disappointed. Public is with Congress Mahagatbandhan & it is the call of Bihar: Congress President Sonia Gandhi

“The fragile state of the economy is overshadowing the lives of the people. The sons of the soil are in serious trouble today,” she further stated.

“Dalits and Mahadalits have been left in a bad condition. Backward sections of society are also victims of this plight. The voice of the people of Bihar is with the Congress Grand Alliance. This is the call of Bihar today,” she added.

“Now the change is in the air because change is passion, energy, new thinking and power. Now the time has come to write something new. Bihar has qualities in its hands, skill, strength, power of construction, but unemployment, migration, inflation, starvation have given them tears and blisters in their feet,” she said.

“Words that cannot be said have to be said with tears. Policy and governments cannot be created on the basis of fear and crime. Bihar is a mirror of India, a hope. India believes, passion is passion. Bihar is the pride and pride of India,” she added.

Misuse of state machinery by an elected govt is an insult to those who gave the govt the power to use it in the first place.

In a democracy, dissent reflects the freedom of it’s citizens. A govt that vilifies its own citizens for difference of opinion is no better than a dictatorship.

To not tow along a Govt’s biased agenda, to use your freedom of thought, speech & expression, to stand strong for your compatriots’ rights & Nation’s progress – does not make you second-class citizens. These are the characteristics of true nationalists & patriots.

“That is why I said that the wind of change is in the air. The inked finger of the vote now stands with the question. The question is unemployment, to save farming, about bread and employment. The question is about education and health. The question is of industry. The question is to stop the unbridled crime. The question is on dictatorial governance,” she said.

“That’s why today is the time – to move from darkness to light, from lie to truth, from present to future. My appeal to the people of Bihar, called the land of knowledge, is to vote for the candidates of the grand alliance and build a new Bihar,” she added.


Bihar Assembly elections will be held in three phases — October 28, November 3, and 7, and the counting of votes will take place on November 10.

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