Corona virus weakening the nerves of the brain

Corona virus viruses affect various parts of the body. Many medical studies so far have also revealed that corona virus also affects the brain. For the first time, a case of weakening of the nerve veins has occurred due to Covid infection in the country.

An 11-year-old girl admitted to AIIMS Delhi found this problem in an 11-year-old girl admitted in AIIMS, New Delhi, after which doctors have started studying to save her. The child's condition began to deteriorate a few days after being hit by a corona infection. He was rushed to AIIMS emergency ward soon after which medical examination revealed that the nerves of his brain had become weak due to infection. Although the girl is now infection free due to a long study and intensive monitoring, it still has an effect on her brain.

Dr. Shefali Gulati, head of AIIMS's Department of Child Neuro, says that the eyes of the child have been affected due to the weakness of the vein. This case of Kovid infection has not been seen before, this case remains a challenge even for doctors. Doctor Gulati said that due to corona, there was a problem in the girl's brain called acute demyelinating syndrome (ADS). Usually after 35 to 40 years of age or there are problems, but due to corona, it is seen for the first time at such a young age.

Dr. Gulati says that quite a lot of situation has been clear about the corona virus so far, but what kind of effect is it having in children? Much remains to be learned on this even today. Therefore, it is very important to protect children from infection. AIIMS doctors are also preparing a study report on this rare case which can be published in the international medical journal in the coming days.

He told that the veins through which the brain transmits messages to other parts of the body have suffered a lot. If the child was not brought to the hospital on time, his entire body could be damaged. His vision, muscles, bladder, etc. are damaged.