Kangana vs Uddhav:The actress said- Shame, you don't deserve CM's chair; Your worst product of nepotism

The verbal war between Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray and actress Kangana Ranot continues. Uddhav in his Dussehra rally address on Sunday without naming Kangna said that you come here for employment and discredit Mumbai. People who do not get food properly in their state come here. Kangana retaliated on this. He said shame on Uddhav Thackeray, you do not deserve a chair.

Kangana shared a 2 minute video on Twitter and said- "Uddhav Thackeray, you abused me in your speech yesterday, called Namak Haram. Even before Sonia Sena Many people have abused me, bullied me. Breaking my jaw or killing me openly or saying haraamkor, many such abuses have already been given to me by Sonia Sena. But, whoever is the contractor for women empowerment, they have Neither said.

Kangana said- You were very angry with me, Chief Minister, when I compared him to PoK after threatening me in Mumbai, because there were slogans of Azad Kashmir. Your Sonia Army defended it, so I compared the PoK, then those who are the protectors of the Constitution had jumped. Yesterday in your speech you compared India with Pakistan, now those with the Constitution will not come, because there is no money in their mouths.

I want to say that no one comes to help all the patriotic people. If you talk about patriotism, do something for the country, then who are you doing us a favor, you are doing this for yourself, you are doing for the country. They say we do not have any money, neither do we come to snort, nor do we take it ourselves. But, money is thrown in your mouth for rebellion in the country. These who are about to save the constitution will not say anything now, when a girl from a working chief minister abused her publicly.

Kangana tweeted that Raut called me a harem, Uddhav is calling me a salt haram. They are claiming that if I do not get shelter in Mumbai, I do not get food in my state. Shame, I am your son's age. Your talks show how you speak to a self made single woman, Chief Minister you are the worst product of nepotism.

Kangana wrote that just as every Indian is concerned with the beauty of the Himalayas, the opportunities in Mumbai are for all of us. Both are my home, Uddhav Thackeray. You cannot dare take away our democratic rights and divide us. Your dirty speech is a lewd display of your ineptitude.

Kangana said in another tweet that see the courage of a chief minister, that the country which made him a contractor of Maharashtra, is dividing that country. They are just public servants, before them there was someone else, and if they go, someone else will come. Then why are they behaving like Maharashtra only belongs to them.