Sana Khan shares video after leaving the film industry, fans troll about makeup

New Delhi: Salman Khan's co-star and Big Boss runner-up Sana Khan recently took a big decision. His decision had shocked everyone. Sana Khan had recently decided to leave the film industry and follow the path of religion. There was a lot of reaction to his decision. Now Sana Khan Video has again posted a video, in which she is seen talking about Islam. However, his videos also attracted strong reactions from fans.

Sana Khan is seen in makeup in this video and on this, the users targeted her. In the video, Sana Khan is seen in a printed dupatta with makeup. But Sana's makeup is not liked by the users and they are being advised to read the Quran. On Sana Khan's video, a user reacted saying: "Does the Quran allow makeup?" On this video of Sana Khan, many users trolled him, then there are many users who praised him a lot. This video of Sana is becoming very viral.

Please tell that Sana Khan had given information about leaving the film industry by writing a post. He wrote: "This life is actually to improve the life after death. And it will be better when the man lives according to the spades of his creator and not just for the sake of wealth and fame. Instead of escaping the life of crime, I should protect humanity. That is why today I proclaim that from today onwards, I will leave my 'showbiz' (film industry) life to take care of humanity and to take care of my creator. I definitely do. "

Sana Khan further wrote in her post: "I request all my brothers and sisters to pray for me to make Allah Ta'ala meri taubah kubool ki kabool. Likewise, according to the dictates of my own Khaliq of Iinda and humanity. In order to spend life while praying, you can get the blessings and you will get the luck. He further wrote in his post, "Finally I request all my brothers and sisters not to invite me for any work of 'showbiz'. Thank you very much."