Astrology 2020: Message of the Day (November 5)

Message of the Day – By Renooji


Special month, special healing, and special love to spread and heal with .

We must not waste our vital and spiritual energy , just sublimate these energies into Divine bliss and spiritual power and use these to heal the self, your city, your country, your world and your universe. To enter into the healing realm and to be able to heal all is a really powerful state to be in. To take it seriously and engage in active spiritual activities is to remain doubly blessed and generate still greater good. To persevere in your spiritual life, to be ever progressive and to be ceaseless in your healing actions is the greatest good you can do. You must make up your mind that till the very last breath in your body, you will not swerve from the path of healing and will  be ever intent on the healing goals. Never slackening the efforts nor ceasing the  endeavours. Healing hugs of great strength. Love from the heart of hearts.

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