Astrology 2020: Message of the Day (November 8)


Special month, special healing, and special love to spread and heal with.

As we embark on another day of healing the self, be reassured that you are completely healed in the golden river of light and platinum lakes. The reservoir of immense wealth, which is full of spiritual love and light is illuminating a new consciousness for progress and prosperity. Stand alone for a while, reflect on the importance of the light in your life, light a candle (if possible) and use this moment to thank all the associations that took you to the frontiers of grace guiding your spiritual consciousness. Send out this light to your life and to your loved one’s today. Know that your reservoir of loving kindness is being replenished with new energies of enlightenment and liberation. Use today to augment your act of renunciation and feel free. Healing hugs of complete fame. Love from the centre of knowledge.

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