Astrology 2020: Message of the Day (November 28)

Special month, special healing, and special love to spread and heal with.

Human dignity, personal values and healing; all of them will join together today and will help you lay the foundation for a caring positive mindset and a spiritual perspective. There is seldom a delay in the layer of grace guiding the inner heart, but there is always a positive mindset that needs to be activated for the vision of the heart, to see the grace.

Experiencing life and activating the memories of our past life; making new connections to this and other worlds, we are always getting ready to reincarnate a new vision of our real self. Just move ahead with your dreams, signs and symbols that are there guiding your destiny and awaken yourself to new knowledge of why you are here. Live well and share the light. Healing hugs from the frontier of grace. Love from the deepest memories of blessings.


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