Bihar Election Result 2020: EXIT POLL of only one agency close to results

New Delhi :The figures of only one of the agencies that came out for the exit poll of Bihar elections proved to be somewhat correct. The figures of all the other agencies proved to be completely wrong at the moment. One thing is also that the agency which gave the NDA a majority in the elections has gone even further than that. 

It was told that in this election there is a direct contest between NDA and RJD. The exit poll results from 5 agencies were compared with 4 agencies giving majority to RJD. NDA was described as the second largest party. But on Tuesday, when the counting of votes started, the NDA appeared to have a majority in the first trends. After this it was decided that even if this trend did not change completely in the result, then the government in Bihar will form the NDA. 

India TV gave NDA 90 to 110, Grand Alliance 103-120, Aaj Tak NDA 69-91, Grand Alliance 139-161, Republic NDA 91-119, Grand Alliance 116-138, News 24 NDA 91- 119, Mahagathbandhan 116-138, ABP News predicted NDA to win 104-128, Mahagathbandhan 108-131 seats. In this, equal number of seats were given by both Republic and News24. It was ABP News that predicted the NDA to get more seats than the majority, while it went further than that. 

Even before this, when the results were announced through exit poll in 2015, they were also proved completely wrong. In the 2015 assembly elections, all exit polls were strewn, just as the results of the 2020 assembly elections were also reversed. In the 2015 elections, the Bharatiya Janata Party had won only 53 seats, while in the exit poll, all the news channels and survey agencies had given a lot of seats to the BJP account in the huge claim. BJP till date - India Today 120, ABP News 130, Today Chanakya 155, Times Now 111 seats were predicted to win. 

Talking of JDU and BJP, they are dismissing the possibility of exit polls and are powering to form the government again. At the same time, the grand alliance of RJD-Congress and the Left Front seems completely confident about forming the government. In the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, no one has stated in their exit poll that the NDA is getting an overwhelming majority. However, the NDA gained a strong majority.

Talking about the results of this year's exit poll, all news channels and survey agencies have shown the edge of the grand alliance led by Tejashwi Yadav. However, the NDA led by Nitish Kumar was also said to have remained in the race. Estimated figures showed a gap of 10-20 seats between the two alliances. In such a situation, better results were expected in both camps. These things were also seen in counting trends. Looking at the trends now found, it seems that the work done by the NDA government in the last 15 years has increased the confidence of the people of Bihar. The result is the same. 

This time, JDU, HUM, VIP party are included with BJP in NDA alliance in Bihar assembly elections. In such an exit poll, BJP +, RJD and Congress have been included in the category of Mahagathbandhan and LJP, Jan Adhikar Party, AIMIM, RLSP and others.

Elections have been held in three phases for the 243 seats of Bihar Legislative Assembly. Votes were cast in the first phase on 28 October, in the second phase on 3 November and in the third and final phase on 7 November. In this election, BJP, JDU, HUM and VIP have contested along with the NDA alliance. While the RJD, Congress and the Left Front have formed a grand alliance together. In this election, RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav has promised 10 lakh jobs on coming to the government. This election was the most talked about election in the entire election.