Cyclone Nivar In Tamil Nadu: Nivar Cyclone Hit Tamil Nadu Puducherry Coasts Karaikal Mamallapuram

Chennai: Tomorrow, the metro will run from 7 am to 10 pm In view of the cyclonic storm prevention, rail services in Tamil Nadu have been affected. At the same time, it has been said by Chennai Metro that the timetable of the metro train service has been changed along with the holiday train services. On Wednesday, the metro train will run from 7 am to 10 pm. The metro will run every 10 minutes.
Roads are raining heavily due to heavy cyclonic storm prevention due to rain. In such a situation, roads are submerged in many areas of Chennai. 

Local train will remain closed in Tamil Nadu In view of the prevention of cyclonic storm, the government has decided to keep the local train closed from 10 am on Wednesday.

Chance of Heavy Rain The Director General of the India Meteorological Department said that heavy rain is expected on November 25 in coastal and interior districts of northern Tamil Nadu. Northern districts of Tamil Nadu may be the most affected. 

People living in low-lying areas were asked to know in the camp Disaster monitoring officer of Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu, said that the people living in the low-lying areas have been asked to go to the camps set up by the government. At the same time, zonal teams have been deployed in the block and panchayat who will clean the roads and correct the electric poles after the storm.

In view of the threat of cyclonic storm prevention declared a holiday in Tamil Nadu, the state government has declared a holiday in Tamil Nadu on Wednesday. However, there will be no restriction on essential services during this period.

Rahul Gandhi asked party workers to help the needy Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday called on local party workers to help the needy in view of the possibility of cyclonic storm 'Nirvana' knocking in many areas of South India. He tweeted that cyclonic storm 'Nivaran' is knocking in Tamil Nadu, Puducherry and many parts of Andhra Pradesh. Please follow all security related steps. 

The weather department has forecast wind speeds ranging from 120 to 145 km / h, during this time the wind speed will be 120-130 km per hour, which can reach 145 km per hour. High alert has been sounded in the coastal areas of Tamil Nadu and Puducherry in view of the storm. Fishermen have been advised not to go to sea. 

The low pressure area over the Bay of Bengal has turned into a cyclonic storm. The Meteorological Department estimates that the storm will cross the Karaikal coasts of Mamallapuram and Puducherry in Tamil Nadu on 25 November. The storm has been named 'Nivaar'. It is believed that the storm may cause heavy havoc in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry.