Govardhan Puja 2020: Date, auspicious time and significance of festival dedicated to Lord Krishna

Govardhan Puja usually falls on the day after Diwali and is also known as Annakut Puja. Govardhan Puja 2020 will be celebrated on 15 November (Sunday).

Govardhan puja is performed by devotees of Lord Krishna. It is believed that Lord Krishna defeated God Indra, the King of the Devas on this day.

It is said that in order to protect the residents of Gokul, Lord Krishna lifted the Govardhan Parvat with his little finger after Lord Indra caused massive rains.

Legend has it that the people of Braj region would make vast offerings to Lord Indra to seek his blessings. Once Lord Krishna, when he was still a little boy, wondered why one should resort to appeasement, believing that Bhakti or devotion is the only way to connect with divinity. Realising his point, Nanda and the brijwasis decided to end the tradition of appeasing Lord Indra.

Angered at their decision, Indra lashed the region with torrential rains and thunderstorms. To end the people's sufferings, Krishna lifted the Govardhan Parvat with his Kanishtha or little finger and provided shelter to people and their cattle and livestock.

Having continued with his destruction for seven days and nights, on the eighth day, Lord Indra conceded defeat.

On the day of Govardhan Puja, people cook and offer around 56 dishes, called chhappan bhog, to Lord Krishna as a mark of gratitude.

People also worship cows on this day and in North India, devotees recreate Govardhan Parvat using cow dung. During puja, people offer water, fruits flower and lite diyas (earthen lamps) and incense sticks.

In Maharashtra, Govardhan Puja is celebrated as Bali Pratipada or Bali Padva. It is believed that Vamana, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu won against Asura King Bali and pushed Bali to paatal lok (the underworld). It is said that due to a boon given by Lord Vamana, Bali visits prithvi lok from paatal lok on this day.

Govardhan Puja 2020: Auspicious time

Govardhan Puja Sayankala Muhurat: 3:19 pm to 5:27 pm.

In religious texts, Govardhan Puja celebrations are done during Pratipada Tithi of Kartik month. The Pratipada Tithi begin at 10:36 am on 15 November and ends at 7:06 am on 16 November.

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