iPhone 12 users report green tint and flickering issue with display; Apple might fix the problem in future iOS update

Users of Apple iPhone 12 have reported certain display issues in their devices where the iPhone 12 displays some sort of flickering, or a green or grey tint, along with other lighting variations under certain conditions. These problems have been reported from users of all the four iPhone 12 models (the iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max) and Apple is aware of the issue. According to internal documents acquired by MacRumours, the Cupertino-based firm has asked technicians to not service iPhone 12 models that report these display issues.

iPhone 12 series

This means that Apple is affirmative that a future software update will be able to fix the problems.

Users have taken their problems on Reddit and Apple Community thread where many users can be seen reporting the lighting trouble. One user said that they noticed a grey light flashing in place of simply staying black at a lower brightness setting. Another case also spoke of “ugly glowing” emanating from the iPhone 12 screen whenever their device’s brightness was low. They have also reached out to the support staff about the issue who reportedly told them to “wait more”.

iPhone 12 series users report green tint issue in the display.

MacRumours got their hands on the document addressed to Apple Authorized Service Providers that says Apple is currently investigating the issue. The company has also advised technicians to inform customers that they should keep their devices up to date with the latest software update.

Earlier this year, users of iPhone 11 models had also complained of an “unusual green tint on the display” of their phones when it was being unlocked. This issue was also resolved with a software update iOS 13.6.1, released in August. The update had fixed the thermal management issue in iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max models.

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