Astrology 2020: Message of the Day (December 2)


Always say the right things and think and act with your healing abilities.
Moments of great appreciation and happiness bring joy to one and all, but how long do they really last? This is the biggest question in a healer’s life, on whether to see the world around them as already healed or continue to heal with love or get inspired by all the souls who need to resolve their inner conflicts and heal them according to specific methods and modalities, prayers and good wishes as guided by your inner healer. The reality is that it does not matter. The healer is always filled with gratefulness and wants to share the light of the heart, and continues to experience the joy of sharing unconditionally. The ongoing healing patterns are always a matter of the heart, and an uplifting of the connected soul presence. Today, let’s unite to make this a love filled world, full of happiness and rejoice in knowing that we are all interconnected. Healing hugs of strong desires to heal more. Love to promote more healing.

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