Astrology 2020: Message of the Day (December 3)


Always say the right things and then you will spontaneously channel the healing towards all.
Not about your mind, not beyond your mind, not even your heart, it has to be from the centre of wholeness that the spontaneous spiritual consciousness awakens the healing self within. Today the light unravels the inner awakened self to manifest the abundance of light so that you can consciously receive it, view it, share it and recognise the beauty of it. Today, slow the mind, open the heart, channel the light and see the shimmering light anoint the crown chakras of the human race. Effortless radiance is a delightful resonance that alters the reflection outside called reality. The glow of this keeps us all centred and conscious enough to choose the righteous path of healing more. Healing hugs full of the glow. Love from the radiant one.

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