Astrology 2020: Message of the Day (December 15)


Always say the right things so that the spirit of understanding unites you with the whole world.

Healing is that unifying energy that unites us with the whole universe and helps us consider others like our own. As we heartily accept refuge in the healing light presence, we are freed of anger, fear, worry and grief. Today let’s heal to connect to this universal oneness, the true sense of healing. Connect to the mercy, lovingness , benevolence of the healing patterns and feel fulfilled. All the things that you choose to do, choose to think, choose to feel, choose to look at things, the way you approach life will help you start to heal more. See your life culminate in glorious fulfilment, with all the achievements you have invited. This is what you deserve and this is what you will receive. Healing hugs of glory. Love from the centre of firm welfare.

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