Astrology 2020: Message of the Day (December 21)



Whatever actions that you have done in the year 2020, done with your mind, your body, your senses , and all your other body organs by the prompting tendencies generated by your karma, dedicate them today into the gold and green light that is flowing down from the top of your head. This is the light of generous intelligence and wisdom and will transform your centre of knowledge. Send this energy to your home, your work place and your loved ones. See everyone and everything transform. Delete your old style, your old threads of connections, your old self. You are healing to heal completely all old broken relationships, spoilt reputation and difficult livelihood. Building courage to respond only with love to all issues and heal then in the now. See the green and gold light spreading far and wide. Love the beauty of the healing light. As for your desire to gain and obtain knowledge, know that the green and gold light brings and gives you knowledge. Healing hugs that you do not abandon your good activities. Love for the knowledge to spread.

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