Astrology 2020: Message of the Day (December 23)



Today you are beginning your healing and getting your heart desires to manifest happiness in your life experiences. A beautiful idea of healing unfolds as your aura is filled with the rainbow lights. Deep knowledge and support begins, as you realise today that each person born into this world is under obligation to their parents, teachers, elders, relatives, family, countrymen, and also to the whole human race. Now see the rainbow light energy scatter over the globe to heal all. How can you repay this obligation. As you heal and send out the energy from your aura body, for the good of the human race, you have duly observed your duty. Thank the Fire, Earth, Water, Air and Space and know that the rainbow energies are helping them to discharge their strength to the human race. Connect to the ancestors and send out the light to them and know that your energies are helping and the five elements are multiplying your energies in reciprocation. Healing hugs of deep respect. Love from the river of reciprocation.

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