Astrology 2020: Message of the Day (December 27)


Heal 2021.
Stop dreaming that you are an ordinary mortal, no matter what happens, always remember that you are a healer!

Your smile must spread the joy of healing and your energies of grace and love that live in your heart must spread bliss with every look that you share with the whole universe. Your joyous soul is smiling as the world reflects love and grace back at you. The living joy in all things sends the healing light through the frequencies of all thoughts, and in this process every cell and tissue of your and others whole beings are illuminated and enlightened and you are liberated from all negative vibrations from all universes. So, stay in the centre of true happiness by continuously perceiving the joyousness of your soul after this meditation. You will be one with the ever new joy of your soul in 2021, and whoever will be around you will be like you. Healing hugs of enlightening one another. Love from contentment and joy.

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