CM Yogi tears into Opposition for ‘politicising’ farmers agitation

New Delhi: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said that those who have questioned the unity of the country and the people who spew fire against Kashmir, talk about the fragmentation of the country. Any kind of statement from the Kisan Manch in support of the Sharjil Imam, Omar Khalid, shows the disorientation of the movement as a whole.

The malicious effort to spread disharmony inside the country by taking the farmers forward will not be tolerated at all. What do these faces mean by the peasant movement, these people have never been friendly to farmers and the country.

CM Yogi Adityanath -

The Chief Minister said that the farmers of the country know who is their real supporter. Whether its is about the debt waiver of farmers or the work on Ban Sagar project that is pending since 1977, the government of the Bharatiya Janata Party took the step forward and completed the project. It also took efforts to take water supply to these farmers. The central government is asking for suggestions from the farmers, but the Congress party is taking the mask of the farmers and leading the entire movement towards disorientation. It is these people who have cheated the farmers.

He said that under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the central government of the country has been upgrading agriculture. The central government has shown in 6 years, what has not been done in the interest of farmers in last 60 years, he pointed out. Between 2004 and 2014, most farmers committed suicides. In 2014, the Prime Minister expressed concern in the interest of farmers that there was talk of doubling the income of farmers by 2022. Programs such as Crop Insurance Scheme for farmers, Agricultural Irrigation Scheme and linking farming with technology were undertaken. This doubled farmers’ income. But some people do not like the economic advancement of farmers.

Rajiv Gandhi used to say that farmers get 10 rupees out of 100 rupees meant for their welfare, Prime Minister Narendra Modi eliminated middlemen and sent money directly to farmers in their accounts. Farmers have full faith in Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the CM said.

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An 85-year-old farmer from Mainpuri has written her 12 bigha land to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. She says that he only trusts Modi Ji. This is testimony of the fact that how people love Modi ji.

The state government worked to enrich the farmers

The Chief Minister said that the State Government is continuously working for the upliftment of farmers. The farmer of Uttar Pradesh knows who his true supporter. The state government undertook the completion of the pending Ban Sagar project since 1977. This ended the water problem of the farmers. After this, the Central Ganga Project, Saryu Canal National Project and Arjuna Sahayak Project will be completed by 2021.

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The Bharat Bandh was a flop show in Uttar Pradesh

The Chief Minister said that the Samajwadi Party had declared Uttar Pradesh captive during the Bharat Bandh. The bandh announcement of SP and Congress in support of farmers has proved to be a flop show. Not a single shop was closed here in our State. The State Government is continuously working for the prosperity and upliftment of the farmers. The State Government has paid the sugarcane farmers one lakh twelve thousand crores rupees, which is not even the budget of many states.

Rahul Gandhi flop leader

Bihar Assembly Election: No matter whether it is EVM or Modi Voting Machine, gathbandhan will win, says Rahul Gandhi

UP CM Yogi Adityanath said that in the election of Bihar or UP by-election, the people of the country have shown confidence in Prime Minister Narendra Modi. For this, the certificate of a flop leader like Rahul Gandhi is not required. The 2014 and 2019 election results showed who the future of the country was.

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