Microsoft Flight Simulator to arrive on Xbox Series X/S in 2021: All we know so far

In the coming Summer 2021, Microsoft Flight Simulator will be made available to Xbox Series X and S. On the launch day, the game will be available via Xbox Game Pass. However, the exact date of launch is not yet known. The announcement has been made by head of Microsoft Flight Simulator Jorg Neumann on It is worth mentioning that Microsoft Flight Simulator is already there on PC since 1982. "For the first time, we wanted to give more aspiring pilots a chance to take flight by bringing this robust simulation to consoles," Neumann said.

Flight Simulator. Image: Steam

Simmers on Xbox Series X/S can expect the same level of depth as the PC version. They will experience the most authentic and realistic flight simulator through the game.

Be it light planes to wide-body jets, gamers will be able to test their piloting skills against the real-time challenges. Microsoft said that with the power of satellite data and cloud-based AI, players will get to tour the entire planet that will have more than 37 thousand airports, 2 million cities, 1.5 billion buildings, real mountains, roads, trees, rivers, animals, traffic.

Microsoft says that simmers can expect the same level of depth as the PC version when the Flight Simulator arrives on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Players can expect free world updates, themed DLC bundles along with other improvements available on PC.

To bring more peripherals to the Xbox Series X/S to help make the console simming experience more immersive, Microsoft said it working with third-party partners.

In August this year, Microsoft, after a 14-year hiatus, launched the latest version of Flight Simulator video game. The game allows anyone to role play as a pilot.

Players in the game can select a flight route that begins on a runway. They can achieve liftoff by gaining momentum, and once in the air, they have to balance speed and momentum while avoiding obstacles like buildings.


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