Astrology 2021: Message of the Day (January 18)


As we all move to a new realm of understanding, know that the intelligent you is being born.

Concentrating on the now, understand that you are in the middle of a new effulgent light that is infiltrating into every pore and cell of your being. Connect to this golden light, eat yellow foods today, wear yellow and drink something yellow to try to enhance and harness this light. I spread this light to other people, affirm…”I populate and irrigate the thought world, I do real good to the world by sending loving thought. Developing inner mental strength and power of endurance, effectively eradicate all negative thoughts, harsh words, ideas.” Be the architect of your new future. Be real healers and bring great glory, real greatness, boldness and courage into every action as you heal on. Healing hugs of real wisdom. Love from the ocean of understanding.

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