Astrology 2021: Message of the Day (January 22)


Letting the inner self bring newness to the self, and in the process control the response to heal; for people all over the world; brings us to a space of deep contemplation.

Rejoice in the future of healing, knowing that you are well prepared to make the healing and this beautiful life move forward with happiness. A vow of silence, the hearing of scriptures, the study of sacred healing manuals and books, the act of healing and chanting the names of the symbols are all like the seed and the sprout following in unbroken succession. Through healing and the process of devotion, one can control the mind and be immersed and connected to the “Exalted Grace.” Connected to the extraordinary nectar, healing on, state three times…… “I pledge to heal all the wandering souls in this forest of transmigration.”

Know that the love one receives from the Divine is so great that we seek nothing else. It does not matter what trials come upon us, as we have the “Divine Connection” which gives us strength to meet them and heal on. Healing hugs of the power to be good. Love from the advanced attitude of prosperity.

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